Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometime in September!!

We have been working hard to get the chicken pen finished up. The chickens dont seem to mind that their 'house' isnt done but they will start minding around December when the temperature starts dropping!!
Here we are getting started framing up the house. Even Brittany came out to help out!
Here Justin is putting the tin on the roof. He loves all the help that he gets from me! I tell him taking pictures is a hard job, but someone MUST document it!
Get busy there mister!!
Wahoo! The roof is done and the walls are done, enough that we can start building boxes and then get the front on and build a door!
There, Happy Chickens!! All 22 of them!!
Well I hope you liked the 'Chicken' post! (doesnt that rooster just look pretty?)

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