Thursday, March 11, 2010

On my way to Michigan!!

November 19, 2009
Today did NOT start out like I thought it would!! I got up at 4am, got ready, got to the airport by 5:30a and was getting ready for my 6:00 flight when the board showed our flight had been delayed until 6:50. Well ok, not too big of a deal. I went ahead got checked in and got settled into a very comfortable wing chair (not your standard chairs for an airport and the bathroom was......OMG very nice!! It had won awards!! Who would have thought that for such a small airport in Fort Smith, AR).
By 6:30 the flight had been delayed yet again, now it's an 8:30 flight to Memphis. I am getting tired of this already. I was supposed to catch my connecting flight in Memphis at 9!!! Back to the check in I go. The man in front of me got the last seat on a different flight. Great! I got sent to the AA counter and they were able to get me on their next flight to Dallas with a connecting flight to Detroit at 5:45. But on the bright side I did get bumped to first class!!

Finally in Dallas!! Now to just wait until 5:45 to get my connecting flight!

DFW airport is BUSY!! I was just a little more than bored waiting for the next flight. It would have been a lot better if I had someone there to talk to but I made it just fine. The flight to Detroit was good, I think I had 5 glasses of wine and was not concerned at all if the plane went down or not! That is great information for the next time I decide to fly on a tiny propeller plane!! More wine=less worry!

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