Thursday, March 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

Santa did good!! Nick got his Lionel Train and he was a very happy little man!!
Nick was helping Sissy unload her Christmas Stocking.
Brittany with some new eyeliner. I dont think it's possible to keep a teenage girl stocked with enough makeup!!

Nick scratching off his lottery tickets. He won $2.00!! Way to go Nick!

Just what every little Pekingese girl wants!! Chicken Jerky!
Oh, yes, this IS her happy face!!

Most of the time our house reminds me of a barrel of monkeys!! (see Brittany's 'matching' socks back there??)
She got a little tickled!!!

Ok, so maybe she got a LOT tickled!! It was an inside joke and we laughed about it quite a bit!!

I didnt include a picture of mine, but I got a GYPSY!!! YAY!! I LOVE you Santa!!

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