Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yay for Halloween and Happy Birthday to ME!!
Nick picked out his own costume this year. He was excited about being a vampire! I dont know where he got it, It couldnt have been me talking about the vampires in the Twilight series!!

Here is cute stuff Nick being an evil Vampire!!
Brittany was too old to go Trick or Treating..........until she decided that she really wanted some candy and we were only going to go to our families houses. Her dad is still in Critical Condition in the hospital and all of that side of the family is staying in Ft. Smith, so this lifted her spirits a little I think.
She borrowed some of Nicks vampire make up and went as a Zombie.

OOOoooo Scary!
They both got entirely too much candy but they had a good time! I wonder what they will be next Halloween???

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Melissa said...

Holy buckets! I wouldn't have even known this was Nick if you hadn't of told me!