Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I decorated 2 cakes!!!

This is my first attempt 'EVER' at decorating a cake!! I cant tell you how many mistakes there are, but believe me, there are MANY!! I had so much fun decorating this cake I couldnt wait to do another one! This is the second attempt at decorating! I will have to admit that this one was a lot harder than the first, but I think it turned out fine! I can see a lot of mistakes when I look at the picture, but I will just use that as a reference for when I decorate the next one!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my cakes!! I am an extreme amature at this but I did enjoy it. I also enjoyed eating them!! They were yummy!! Gotta love that home made buttercream icing!!


LadyDoc said...

They look GREAT!! I cannot even frost a cake and have it come out looking right. Congrats on your new skill/hobby!

all4sydney said...

WOW!! Awesome job!! They look deeeelish ;)

Heather Bares said...

I think it looks great!