Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Christmas Tree!!


It usually takes me about a day and a half or two days to decorate my tree. This year my dear hubby spent about 8 hours helping me and it was finished in 10 hours!! That is a record! There are SO many decorations on this tree that you dont have to space them out. You just put an ornament on EVERY branch or sometimes 2 ornaments and that is it! Hubby rolls his eyes at me a bit since I am kind of anal about the way the tree needs to look. It pretty much looks the same every year, but I do tend to change the color of the tulle and ribbon every year or two.

Some of the pics are blurry and I apologize but I hope you enjoy them anyway!


all4sydney said...

Your CHRISTmas tree is beautiful!! Merry Christmas!!

Stacy said...

Thank you all4sydney!!

scrapperjen said...

What a beautiful tree! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
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Linda said...

Beautiful Christmas tree. I have enjoyed your blog, and thanks for the great music - I love Josh Groban. I am new to all this, and just got my Cricut, so enjoyed getting inspired by your creative projects.